Resistance band training smiling student and instructor

Heal Yourself + Move

Our training offers a way to dramatically improve your ability to safely enhance your alignment, flexibility, strength, physical skill and perhaps most importantly, your sheer enjoyment of movement – all while gaining the body awareness to stay safe and healthy in daily life and training.

Heal Yourself + Move utilises an array of relaxation, suspension and compression exercises to simultaneously release muscular tension and allow the nervous system to create more functional neural pathways for improved technique and dynamic action.

When the body relaxes tension it begins to naturally increase the speed and strength of blood flow. This process is vital for cellular nutrition, muscle and fascial reconditioning and the reinstating of normal neural impulses to establish muscle tone.

By allowing floating decompression at the joints, Heal Yourself and Move allows the body to access core muscles automatically, whilst increasing balance and proprioception.

This in turn allows for every part of the body to relax and connect via its fascial network and is the essence of a connected, coordinated, powerful and graceful ‘‘great’’ mover.

If Heal Yourself and Move is something you would like know more about, check out the example video below!


  • Zac Jones is phenomenal! My daughter has had the pleasure of working with Zac for a year now and the results are outstanding. Working with Zac has increased her strength tenfold and her flexibility has improved no end.

    Teresa Geraghty – Principal North Balgowlah School of Dance
  • After suffering a hip fracture 3 years ago, and being diagnosed with hip dysplasia more recently, my daughter (who dances) has been plagued by chronic pain in her hips, knees and sometimes ankles. Zac’s training has allowed her to continue to dance extended hours whilst remaining pain free.

    Deanna Stein
  • In our first two weeks of training our dancers are feeling less tension and gaining better extensions! The exercises have been well explained and we have all learnt more about training our deeper muscles to work smarter, not harder!

    Jacquline Tsamoudakis – Principal of ASAP Studios