Are you experiencing Technique Paralysis?

I was chatting to a student (I will call her Emma) from a highly regarded full time school recently. One of the big issues that came up for her was the lack of confidence she felt in her ability to...


Zac Jones takes you through the entire 5-part Heal Yourself and Move introductory training series created in collaboration with MDM Dance. From looking at improving turn out to unlocking the perfect p...

Part 5 of our 5-part, Heal Yourself and Move series

In our 5th and final video series with MDM we look at arabesque and the ability to effortlessly improve our range and line whilst developing intrinsic muscle strength and mobility in the core muscles ...

Part 4 of our 5-part, Heal Yourself and Move series

In Part 4 of our 5 part series with MDM we look at port de bras, and the ease and artistry a dancer can achieve when they effortlessly improve their ability to activate the deep muscles of the back wh...

Part 3 of our 5-part, Heal Yourself and Move series

Continuing to develop your understanding of a unified body in motion, we build on our first two releases in the 5-part series by focusing this episode on turnout.

How to improve your plie

After such an exciting response to our first week’s release which focused on how to improve the strength and flexibility of your feet, it’s our pleasure to share Part 2 of our 5-part,

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