Four Week Foundation Teachers Course with Coaching

$1,376.00 $1,376.00

The HY+M 4 Week Teachers Foundation + Coaching gives you the chance to be personally  guided through the HY+M 4 Week Foundation course by  Founder  and Creator Zac Jones.

In 4 x 45 minutes online sessions over 4 weeks you will be shown how to get for your students breakthroughs in tension release, flexibility, deep muscle control and technique from the HY+M Online Course adapted specifically for your students bodies and leaning style.

You will also have the chance to have content created directly for you to allow you to help your stiudents transcend long term blockages and take their training and performance to a new level.

HY+M 4 Week Foundation + Coaching is also a prequeistes for Heal Yourself and Move Instructor Accreditation with credits going towards you Accreditation if your application is successful.

To find out more about accreditation, fill out the application form below to arrange an interview.