The Power of Wow (And how to harness it to keep your students from looking for it elsewhere)


Had the best  Zoom consult with Clare from Savvy Studios in Cornwall yesterday!

Somewhere in the middle of a long and absolutely wonderful (and hilarious) convo about dance and teaching and life and dogs and what ballet could do to help the world if it could just chill out for a minute….

This also happened (obviously in the other order!)…

And it took 5 minutes. (Well 10 if you count the amount of time it took for me to use my words good enuff for Clare to understand what direction I meant for her to place her foot in to do the exercise!)

(BTW if you have just heard and seen enough from the above amazingness, go here to claim one of the last remaining training spots with $1000 worth of FREE coaching for your students before someone else does!:

So this is what Clare wrote to me not long after our session:

In terms of what I felt today: Left hip always feels restricted and tight. I have had a lot of physio, massage, chiro and osteopathic treatment in it over the years with very little success. I spent one year of my professional performing life in a Can Can show in Paris which, after over 10,000 jump splits, all with a Right Leg Lead, left me VERY wonky! It was like nothing I did had any effect. I would roll it, get a tennis ball in it, stretch, strengthen, I do Pilates every day and Barre 3 times a week PLUS dance classes. Nothing budged. I read about fascia and even though it made sense I just couldn’t get the release. It was stuck. 

BUT, today, after 5 mins at the ancient wall (!) I could feel not just muscles switching off but also new nerve signals and other muscles switching on. Also, I could feel new sensations in the left side of my body up into my cheek, down my arms, like things were releasing and other areas were waking up. My assumption is that by switching off the grip, releasing the blockage, the right muscles were given their chance to shine. It was like opening a window on a fresh Cornish day and letting the birds fly in!!

After…… I had to sit for around 3 hours to catch up with admin for the business, usually my hip and back hate that, this time they didn’t complain and my hip still feels lighter and freer. I’m looking forward to doing more work and layering on the repetitions to be able to permanently maintain the new found freedom in my hip. 

The only time I would get close to this would be a very deep tissue massage but it wouldn’t have actually really created much kind of response. I can actually feel the hip feels more open. On the left  it feels so much more released. Yeah, I’ve got, I’ve got turnout in my left leg! That’s very exciting.”

I’m excited to see what is next as I have a good feeling about it and would like to be able to share my experiences, especially over this side of the world, not just with my students but with my community of Pilates and Dance teachers, as well as the professional world within which I am still involved. 

I do have students that are very much prepared to work hard for results BUT they do need that hook of an “ah ha” moment. I think that is something you may, hopefully, be able to provide. I think it’s also something that in the UK we are all looking for. Many of us want to modernise our approach and come from a more scientific/researched place whilst still gaining great results and being able to create a safe practise. Anyway, just some thoughts and to make it clear that even though Cornwall can seem a very simple place to live, we aren’t completely behind the times!


With results like Clare’s happening in every session  I have to ask you now:


What more do you need to know from me to start helping your body heal and express freedom and give this gift to your students?

I am just asking because this Monday 7th June (Sunday 6th UK and US)…

The first training class (turnout as it happens!) in the Prime Movers Teacher Accreditation Course begins…

… and a new group of teachers from all over the world will be beginning to learn an utterly new way of bringing safe transformations to their students in a multitude of dance styles…

Learning a unique method that has already changed the way 100’s of young dancers train and view their bodies.

And, to quote Clare again: showing teachers  how to modernise their approach and come from a more scientific/researched place whilst still gaining great results and being able to create a safe practise (while giving students that hook of an “ah ha” moment).

This is (almost) the last chance for you to claim one of the few spots left available for teachers who are ready to help lead a new way forward for themselves, their students and the dance world…

If you miss this opportunity it will be months before you can apply for the next training…

And the next time round the price will have doubled (seriously)…

And you won’t get a chance to claim a $1000 investment from me in coaching your students personally, or the MDM ballet shoes…

Please, if you have a feeling that this training could help, really help you and your students..

But there’s something still holding you back…let me know, ask me..

Email, DM me, Insta, Linkedn, SMS whatever!

I will get back to you as soon as I can to help you in any way possible to make the choice for change you know you and your students need now…

But I can’t stop the clock from running down…

I can’t make this choice for you.

Only you can.

There’s the link again:

Hope we can train together soon


P.S. Tomorrow you’ll find out what happens when an internationally recognised ballet examiner discovers what just one class in the Heal Yourself and Move system can do for a couple of her  students who had struggled for years with their Pointe work…


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